Winding paths uncover vast landscapes and the chautari along the way, always makes space for some respite.

In Bhojpur, we came across one such chautari in Palpale, which spreads itself in benevolence to shelter anyone and everyone who passes by. For us, it became a resting place and a medium that helped us connect us to the place and its people. The gigantic tree and the stacked rocks have for years served this purposed for gandarbhas from Mangding as they travel to Palpale and then to other villages and towns around the area. The chautari accepts them when they arrive and watches them leave, with a quiet understanding that a journey is yet to be taken.

Fuzzscape Bhojpur follows artists Barta Gandarbha, Rajan Shrestha and Rohit Shakya as they travel to Mangding, a Gandarbha village nestled on the red-mudded hillocks of Jarayotar. It is homecoming for Barta as she travels to the place where she picked up the sarangi for the first time. Rajan and Rohit tag along as they traverse through the district and reach the vibrant Bhojpur Bajaar. What all is encountered during the journey—from ancient Rai-Kirant Mudhum philosophies and the eastern folk melody of Simal Barulai to the warm conversations with the ever-pleasant folks in Taksar and Mangding—all cumulate and come alive as inspiration for a song about destinations, friendship and longing.