Janakpur is a landscape painting. Janaki Mandir is a sky—of purple and magenta—that carries under it the world and its history. The many ponds in the city are cooler hues of blues and greens; complementary colours to the hot Tarai sun. There is enough shade for everyone. The impressionistic dabs of paint are all that populate the sprawling city—its denizens, the culture and the life. And the women are a brilliant white under-paint; the base coat that gives this city its vibrance. When not covered, they are the brightest parts of the painting.

Fuzzscape Janakpur follows music artists Rajan Shrestha and Rohit Shakya as they travel along with Music Producer and DJ, Ranzen Jha, as he returns to his hometown of Janakpur. They embark on a journey into the birthplace of Mithila art where the daughters of Janaki are the firm pillars of culture and the arts, which they create and conserve.