Fuzzscape is a multimedia project, wherein a team of creative professionals travel to explore the artistic culture and the society of different locations around Nepal. They collaborate with artists from within the communities they visit to develop a body of work inspired by their interaction with the people, the space, and its culture. The traveling artists learn about the communities they visit thorough sharing of stories and ideas, and create new artistic experiences together.

Fuzzscape first came into being as a passion project. Photographer-Filmmaker Prasiit Sthapit; Songwriter-Music Producer Rajan Shrestha and Music Producer-Director Rohit Shakya came together to take their long-term collaboration to new levels. The idea was to leave their comfort zones in Kathmandu and travel to new locations, respond to the experience, and create art. So, they did just that, collaborating with local artists to create music—and a music video—all the while documenting the process.

The experiment has now grown into a documentary series about the process of collaborative music-making and an online multimedia archival project where information relating to culture and the arts is chronicled digitally via text, audio and video media.

The team has also been facilitating workshops—on intangible heritage, issues surrounding it and its conservation through multi-media—for youth of the areas visited.

Fuzzscape Episodes